Eagle Hose Company No.4

Home OF Engine 76

The Mission and History

In the early part of 1907 a number of citizens of Browns Point, the chief among them being Alfred Geran, saw the necessity of forming a fire company.  With this in view, a meeting was held on June 17, 1907 in Harry P. Disbrow’s bottling establishment.  This meeting resulted in the organization of a company to be known as Eagle Hose Company No.4.  The charter members selected William Sieben as foreman; Judson Hopla, president; Granville Disbrow, secretary; and Harry P. Disbrow, treasurer. 

A committee was appointed to secure a suitable building for a meeting place and to house the apparatus the members hoped to obtain.  The members finally decided on a small barn on the Hopla property on Broadway, and with the aid of local citizens who devoted time, money, and materials, finally provided quarters for the company.  The rental was to be $5 per month, but it was provided that the cost of reconstructing the building was to be credited toward the rental so that for over a year the company occupied its quarters rent free.  This house was well suited for its purpose, with a truck room in the front and a meeting room in the rear. 


In the meantime another committee had gone before the borough Council and secured an appropriation to purchase a two-wheeled hand-drawn hose cart and equipment.  When the alterations to the house had been completed and the new apparatus had arrived; a more enthusiastic membership count not have been found anywhere else in the department.  In 1910 the members felt that the time had come when the company should own its own home and in January 1911, a lot on Broadway was purchased and the company was incorporated.  A fair was held by the Broadway Theatre and other means of raising funds were undertaken, with the result that in November 1912, work on the present house was begun.  On March 25, 1913, the new house was occupied.  The minutes of that happy day of Eagle’s history read:


        “March 25, 1913, will long be remembered by the members of Eagle Hose, it being the date of our taking possession of our new house.  After the regular meeting we returned to the old house to get the cart.  Upon our return we found that the ladies had taken possession of the new house together with Chief of the Department Mason and Assistant Chief Snyder.  After a social hour, refreshments of cake and coffee were served.”


            In 1916 the boys tiered of pulling the old “jumper” and decided to purchase a Peerless touring car which was converted into a hose truck.  This truck gave good service until it was retired in 1922, and was followed by a Federal truck used as a hose cart until 1937 when an International truck with Buffalo equipment was purchased by the Borough.  This truck served the Borough well.


            By May 12, 1930, the size of the hose house was more than doubled by the addition of a new kitchen on the first floor and added space to the main meeting room above.  Things remained the same when in 1960 the entire upstairs meeting room of the fire house was renovated, the work being completed on November 14, 1960.  This gave the company a modern and pleasant meeting room above. 


            On October 4, 1961, a Ladies Auxiliary was formed and has proven to be a fine asset to the company.  Many projects long desired by the members of the company have been completed only since they have had the help of this fine organization.


            On November 29, 1962, the company retired the International and replaced it with a new 1000 gallon per minute Mack engine was placed in service after which a new and completely electrified overhead door was installed to better facilitate the new equipment. 


            In the fall of 1972, the exterior of the fire house was completely renovated with modern aluminum siding.  In the spring of 1977, the interior of the truck room was also remodeled with a new dropped ceiling and wall paneling to keep the interior in a modern style for the time. 


            In the summer of 1990, the company retired the 1962 Mack engine and replaced it with a Seagrave engine.  The new engine came in Cadillac red which made it stand out from the rest of the fleet in the borough.  The engine was the first fully enclosed cab for the company. The door on the front of the firehouse was replaced in 1989 to make room for the new engine. Shortly after, the company received the first set of extrication tools in the department. 


            In 1995, the upstairs of the firehouse was renovated with two new bathrooms, a modern kitchen, a meeting room, and a lounge.  Prior to the renovations the upstairs was one large room. 


            The year 2000 added a new dynamic to the company.  The company started to run EMS calls throughout the borough.  All of the members were certified at the First Responder level. Many members were already trained as Emergency Medical Technicians. The program was started to aid the Keyport First Aid Squad at EMS scenes.




            In the fall of 2008, the company began demolition to the entire first floor of the firehouse. The first floor was opened up to the exterior walls.  The company eliminated a bathroom, kitchen, office, and closet.  The first floor is being transformed from a bunch of rooms with wood paneling; to a more open floor plan with much needed light.  The project was completed in April of 2009.