Eagle Hose Company No.4

Home OF Engine 76


1990 Seagrave Marauder 7 man cab/ 1250 g.p.m./500 gal

Engine 76 carries: Amkus Extrication Equipment, Chain Saw, Partner Saw, Cribbing, Stokes Basket, Backboards, AED, Oxygen Bottles, EMS Crash Bag, Various Meters, Heat Gun,Floating Pump, Generator, Foam, High-rise Hand Cart, Standpipe Kit, 1,000ft of 2 1/2in & 1,000ft of 3in hose, Hydro-Ram, Air Chisels, Sawzall, Exhaust Fan, Dry-Chemical Extinguisher, CO2 Extinguisher, Water Cans, Hard Suction, K-Tool, 2 Sets of Irons, Various Hooks, 2 Power Units, Chains, Large Area Search Rope, 100 ft of preconnect 2 1/2" attack line and 350 ft of 1 3/4" handline and 200 ft of 1 1/2 handline.